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Both the shirt and the blouse can be worn on a suit or individually, regardless of its color or style, the best choice is a slim tailored shirt or blouse with cuffs and collar in perfect shape. In a casual outfit, the shirt may be a lighter idea – but not wide! For the smart casual, you have the freedom to juggle with open or collared shirts, with or without a tie, with cuffs flowing under the sleeves of a blazer or blown immediately above the elbow.

For a smart business suit you need a shirt to fit perfectly, not to see cuffs more than 0.5 inch below the sleeve of a jacket, if you have long sleeves you can shorten by removing the cuff, cutting off the excess material and trimming the cuff in place. , it can also fit into the side seam and sleeve to reduce excess material or to add darts at the back if your shirt or blouse is large.

Our prices

Pricing for Blouses & Shirts Alterations

# Service Price
1 Shorten plain sleeves £15
2 Shorten sleeves with cuffs and pleats £25
3 Shorten hem £15
4 Take in side seams £20
5 Narrow sleeves £15
6 Make darts at the back £10