Steliana Tailoring

 Steliana Tailoring is a small workshop for clothing alterations based in the
City of London offering same day service alterations for Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is a private and quiet place where you can feel comfortable, the studio is located on the 1st floor of a stylish and imposing building keeping the architecture of the past. Our focus is high quality at reasonable prices, we pride ourselves on an excellent quality of work and service for the benefit of our customers. Our passion about what we do and reputation are important for us and we can guarantee that you will be pleased with the results of our work.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, we are ready to share with you the passion, responsibility, promptness and seriousness with which we work. Our company is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable service ,offering a professional service to ensure a perfect silhouette, with an eye formed for details we can gives friendly advice to our customers and we takes pains to answer any questions.

Steliana Tailoring & Alterations - London

Alteration work we do:

  • Dresses and skirts alterations
  • Bridal alterations
  • Blouses and shirts alterations
  • Trousers and jeans alterations
  • Ladies and men suits alterations
  • Zip replacement
  • Jackets / Coats alterations and re-lining
  • Lengthening, Shortening & Let Out Services
  • Restoration, Resize or Repair services
  • Cutting Out

Alteration Prices

 Steliana Tailoring is a small workshop for clothing alterations based in City of London offering same day service alterations for Ladies and Gentlemen.

About our alterations

Steliana Tailoring It helps you turn old clothes into a new fashionable personality!

Is your wardrobe full of old fashioned pieces that you either bought too much, or do you think they are out of trend this season? The new service helps you to return your wardrobe so you can give it a new and modern breath, perfectly suited to the current trends. Shortens, modifies and accesses old clothing by calling the wardrobe adjustment service that personalizes and adapts your wardrobe to your preferences.

We are always up-to-date with new trends in masculine fashion and ready to create at your command a complete, fashionable and tailored fashion tailored to your style, extends its range of services and offers you the opportunity adjust or retouch your personal wardrobe clothes.

We adjust your new wardrobe items for a perfect match with your size and shape! If you’ve hit one of the most common problems people encounter in shopping – not finding clothes for them – it’s not the case to make a drama.

Buy your desired outfit, even if it does not fit well, and adapt it to your shape and size through the wardrobe adjustment service that we provide. You will receive assistance from our tailors, who will turn your outfits into the perfect outfits for you. Retouched garments will be modified to give you value to your body’s physical benefits and to hide subtle defects.

If you want to add an elegant bit of personalization to your clothing try a small monogram on your shirt cuff.

With Steliana Tailoring workshop you will save money, time and energy!

Instead of shaking shops to change the wardrobe or finding the perfect outfit for your conformation and size, it’s more economic and practical to make a visit, bringing with you the old outfits that you do not wear for various reasons to make them in clothing with a new life. Apply with confidence to our custom wardrobe repair service to give them the breath and look you expect from them and gives life to your clothing items.