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To work with denim and leather requires more time because we have to adjust and adapt the sewing machine to this type of material, in principle we have to follow the same steps as in the rest of the clothing products, it is possible that the final price may change depending on the difficulties we encountered during the modification operation.

If your jeans are too long but you don’t want to lose the original hem we are able to keep a pre-worn finish by cutting away the original hem and reinstating it at the required length. Whether we are simply shortening your jeans or narrow  them , we will  make back the original stitching and we use the same thread colour is matched perfectly. We can also patching  your favourite jeans.

Our prices

Pricing for Jeans Alterations

# Service Price
1 Shorten with original hem £20
2 Take in waist and seat £25
3 Take in side seam From £25
4 New zip £25