Steliana Tailoring & Alterations - London


Altering large and heavy coats may appear difficult but with experienced and skilled tailors like ourselves the task is simple. No matter what dissatisfaction you may have with your coat, we are the solution. We can shorten the length of your coat, we taper side or back seams, shorten sleeves from the edge of the sleeve or from shoulders without changing the shape, narrowing shoulders, tapering sleeves…. and at the end the coat will look new.

Our prices

Pricing for Coat Alterations

These are starting prices, they may be higher depending on the difficulty of each product.

# Service Price
1 Shorten sleeves £25
2 Shorten sleeves from the top £45
3 Take in sleeves £20
4 Shorten hem £40
5 Take in or let out seams From £30
6 Replace lining From £120