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The most important aspect of any Waistcoat is the correct fit. Our highly experienced and talented tailors have the expertise to help you achieve the desired look.

The Body: the waistcoat is the slimmest garment in menswear and it is supposed to be cut with very little tailoring allowance as it is meant to have a very close fit. A well-tailored waistcoat “skims” the body without feeling too tight or showing any fabric pulling. There is typically an adjustable strap at the back to loosen the waistcoat, if required. If your waistcoat doesn’t not fit you correctly our tailors will adjust the sides to ensure the waistcoat is snug and fits close to the body.

The Length: One of the most important elements of a well-fitting waistcoat is the length. It should fully cover the entire waistband of the trouser and never let any shirt fabric show in between. This means the trousers also need to be sitting on the natural waist. If you feel that the length of your waistcoat needs adjusting, visit us for a fitting and our tailor will provide their expert opinion.

The Neckhole: The collar is the foundation of any waistcoat. It determines how the fabric will drape over the body. The neckhole of a waistcoat should hug nicely around the back of the shirt collar, without gaping. If the neckhole of your waistcoat is too large it will create a gap around the shirt collar and allows the waistcoat to shift rather than remain in place. Fortunately, our experienced Master Tailors can easily and efficiently fix this issue.

Back Panel: we can also replace the back panel of lining on your waistcoat. At your first appointment you will be offered to choose your new lining from a wide selection of luxury linings, or perhaps you would prefer us to help you find the perfect match for your waistcoat coat. Whether you choose a lining of a similar colour and texture or decide on a contrasting colour with a luxury pattern, our tailoring specialists will be there to assist and offer their expert advice.

Our prices

Pricing for Waistcoat Alterations

# Service Price
1 Pick up shoulders £20
2 Take in / let out side seams £20
3 Shorten length £20