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With years of experience in trouser changes, the Steliana Tailoring team has the expertise to modify your pants to perfection. For men’s trousers that which are too big or small in the waist the only possibility of modification is via the central seam at the back.

For ladies we have more options , depending on the cutting of the trousers we can make this change from the side seams. Also if the trousers have the seat too low this can be adjusted by lowering the waist band.

When we are shortening the pants we use the tape to strengthen and protect the material on the hem, the hem is done manually so that the seams are invisible from the outside. We can replace belt loops with more traditional side adjusters by using excess fabric in the hem of the trouser.

For a more stylish and elegant approach we can narrow the trousers down all the leg or just at the bottom, depending on customers preference.

Our prices

Pricing for Trousers Alterations

# Service Price
1 Take in / let out waist £15
2 Take in / let out side seams £25
3 Take in the bottom of the leg £15
4 Shorten plain hem £15
5 Shorten hem with tape finish by hand £20
6 Shorten hem with turn up £20
7 Lower waist band £25
8 New zip £20
9 Brace buttons £20
10 Add saddle inside crotch £15